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Ozone & Advanced Oxidation Systems  


Prozone Commercial Systems

Prozone's commercial division provides turn-key, modular ozone generating systems and engineering support for a diverse array of water treatment applications.  Our attention to customer requirements has produced a multitude of innovations which ensure the product you receive is the best available for performance, ease of implementation  and reliability.  Whether you need standard product or custom designed equipment to meet a unique need, Prozone has the expertise to meet your ozone requirements.

The company has produced technical innovations and holds patents for:

    • Advanced Bypass Ozone Contact Systems

    • Dynamic Injectors

    • Air Separation Systems

    • Static Mixers

    • Counter-Flow Contacting Systems

    • Complete Sanitation Systems

    • Small Corona Discharge Hybrid Ozonator Design

    • Advanced Oxidation Processors

    • Automated Sanitation Systems


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