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Hybrid Advanced Oxidation Systems

Simply Brilliant.

Hybrid Advanced Oxidation Systems

The PZ2 Hybrid Series features Prozone’s patented Hybrid Advanced Oxidation Ozone generators which create both ozone and hydroxyl radicals for the ultimate in water oxidation and purification. Each rugged Hybrid system is venturi or compressor driven, injecting
consistant amounts of ozone under almost any hydraulic condition. The systems are built to withstand tough environments with simple and reliable operation and maintenance. All Prozone Hybrid systems come turn-key for a fast and easy installation.     


  • Chemical Free Oxidation Equipment
  • Eco-Friendly Water Purification
  • Save up to 80% Chemicals
  • Low Cost, Low Maintenance Operation
  • No Need for Air Dryer or Oxygen Concentrator


Integrated Skid Mount Systems

  • Prozone complete commercial Skid Mount Systems provide superior performance and patented counter flow Contacting System, Static mixer, degas column and water pump
  • Optional UV tubes create additional Hydroxyl Radicals providing even more powerful Advanced Oxidation Processing
  • Test to NSF Std. 50 by Underwriters Laboratories
  • Turn-key package with water in-water out installation
  • All Prozone systems are built for multi-speed pumps






 Prozone Water Products 2011 Patents and Patents Pending

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Commercial Systems
Degas Column with
Contactor System


  • up to 50K Gal.

    PZ2-6 to PZ2-48
  • 75K to 600KGal.
  • Rack Systems
  • Turnkey Ozonation

    PZC Corona Discharge Series


    Parts & Accessories

    Mycropore Diffuser

    Venturi Bypass Kit

    Venturi Injectors

    Plug Selection Guide

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