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Ozone Injection Contactor Degas System

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The Vistek Corona Discharge Ozone Injection Contactor Degas System consists of a high output corona discharge generator, oxygen concentrator, moderate pressure water booster pump, ozone injector, ozone contact loop, and reaction-degas tank. The high ozone output of the system makes it compatible with the most stringent water treatment requirements of commercial swimming pools as well as other large scale water treatment applications.


Electrical: 230 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 Phase, 30 Amperes
Power Connector:
(Std) 4 Wire Pigtail or 4 Prong NEMA
PVC Connector:
1-1/2" Threaded Union
Operating Temperature:
-40O F to 160O F (-40OC to 71OC)
Storage Temperature:
-40O F to 160O F (-40OC to 71OC)
Shipping Weight:
Approximately 350 lbs. (158kg)
48" X 48" X 64" (1.22m X 1.22m X 1.63m)
Maximum Ozone Output:
1 Lbs/day (.4536kg)
Pump Type:
Max-Flo, 107 gpm/20 ft head; 95 gpm/ 40 ft head (405l; 360l)
: By-Pass Cluster approximately 30 feet in length (9m)
Ozone Injector
: 1-1/2" Venturi Injector

Commercial Systems
Degas Column with
Contactor System


  • up to 50K Gal.

    PZ2-6 to PZ2-48
  • 75K to 600KGal.
  • Rack Systems
  • Turnkey Ozonation

    PZC Corona Discharge Series


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