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Prozone has incorporated several design changes into the PZ7 line which will enhance the product’s value, make stocking the product simpler, and increase its marketability.

Model Changes

Prozone is combining the PZ7 product line to one universal model. This patented system has two corona hybrid arc tubes which provide a combination of very ultraviolet and corona discharge ozone generation technologies for pools up to 144 m3 (40,000 gal).

Prozone’s patented Corona Hybrid Ozone systems provide higher concentration ozone generation without the corrosive and toxic by-products of traditional corona discharge machines. The result is a new technology that produces a reliable, high output — and takes advantage of the inherent simplicity, ruggedness and pure ozone production of the very ultraviolet system.

The universal power supply allows the unit to operate automatically on 110/60, 220/60, or 230/50.

New Universal Saddle Clamps

Prozone has developed and patented a new integrated saddle clamp that makes installation of the PZ7 easier than ever. The new connection is adjustable so that it can accommodate 1½-inch or 2-inch lines (or their metric equivalent).

New Housing

The new extruded anodized aluminum housing is labeled with vibrant color pad printing. The new layout enhances the look and ruggedness of the unit.


The units require no maintenance and can be serviced easily when required.

Standard System
  • Universal Saddle Clamp (1½ or 2 in.)
  • Dual Hybrid Arc Tube System
  • Prozone Universal Solid State Ballast
  • 90 VAC to 270 VAC, 50/60 hz
  • Dual Nema Plug
  • Electrical: 1.5 amps
Custom Features
  • Optional Degasser Column to remove excess air and/or ozone from system
Operating Temperature +25º F. to +140º F
Shipping Weight 10 lbs.
Size 17” X 6 1/4” X 3 1/2”

Patents #5,075,016; #6,192,911; #6,426,053; #6,342,154 and patents pending.

Commercial Systems
Degas Column with
Contactor System


  • up to 50K Gal.

    PZ2-6 to PZ2-48
  • 75K to 600KGal.
  • Rack Systems
  • Turnkey Ozonation

    PZC Corona Discharge Series


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    Mycropore Diffuser

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