Since 1977

Ozone & Advanced Oxidation Systems  


  • .5g/hr - 24g/hr
    Outputs variable by system and air velocity
  • 20,000 hr lamp life
    Longest lamp life in industry, not off-the-shelf
  • No maintenance
    Cartridges are non-maintenanced, simply remove and replace
  • Easy installation
    All systems and replacement items are made for ease of installation
  • CE, UL, NSF
    Constantly pursuing industry recognition
  • Low cost
    More affordable than most ultraviolet and corona discharge ozone generators
  • Rugged
    Lamps are shock mounted and connections are sealed from ozone and water
  • 2 year warranty
    Most reliable systems backed by the best warranty in the industry
  • No air prep required
    No air dryers or oxygen concentrators necessary to obtain specified output.

Commercial Systems
Degas Column with
Contactor System


  • up to 50K Gal.

    PZ2-6 to PZ2-48
  • 75K to 600KGal.
  • Rack Systems
  • Turnkey Ozonation

    PZC Corona Discharge Series


    Parts & Accessories

    Mycropore Diffuser

    Venturi Bypass Kit

    Venturi Injectors

    Plug Selection Guide

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